Torre Vao 2 - Piso 11. David Alfaro Siqueiros No.104, Colonia Valle Oriente San Pedro, Garza Garcia, Nuevo León 66269


The design process for the house was integrated through a deep site analysis and the search for a composition of spaces with proportion and modulation based on the Golden section. In response to the wonderful environment, the project’s location on the site is defined with the intention to create a conection experience between inner life and the outer nature.
The spaces of the project are placed through the composition of plans that define a broad program which marks the distinction between the service áreas and the social and private zones. The dining room, living room, library and main bedroom are located towards the north facade and have a breathtaking view of the Cerro de las Mitras, thanks to a window gallery that maximizes the entrance of natural light.
Bridges, terraces and walkways are introduced through the way out of the dining room, which are covered by tropical wood creating featuring multilayered platforms underneath of big old walnut tres that propose spaces to enjoy the area and the landscape view.
The palette of colors and textures of the materiales used in the project reflect a warm interior which seeks to connect with the place through the use of sandstone, walnut wooden in floors and interior ceilings, as well as travertine stone and walnut wooden furniture.