Torre Vao 2 - Piso 11. David Alfaro Siqueiros No.104, Colonia Valle Oriente San Pedro, Garza Garcia, Nuevo León 66269


With 6 family members, the original house spaces were no longer enough for the owners. Nevertheless, with the continuous rise of house prices in the recent years, the clients decided to remodel their current home. In its original state, the house presents a deficit in interior spaciousness and natural light. Therefore, as an important requirement for the refurbishment proposal, the intentions were to provide the family with spacious and pleasant living spaces. This was accomplished by carrying out an extension of the original project, as well as a new reconfiguration of its spaces. The design approach emphasized the need of creating open and well illuminated spaces.
The lower level is made up of continuous open spaces which maintain a clear relationship with the external environment through two terraces. By creating a connection between the public spaces throughout indoor and outdoor places, a flexible space is created which is ideal for social events. Spaces such as the kitchen and the barbecue area are simply divided by a glazing wall which can be opened so that both areas can complement each other.
As for the use of colors and materials, the decision to use light colors influenced in generating the feeling of spacious areas. On the ground floor, marble plates with a cream sand finish were used in the interior floors which extend through the exterior terraces, thus reinforcing the relationship between interior and exterior spaces. The upper level includes smooth colored wood floors, which aims to reflect fresh and clear illuminated spaces.