Torre Vao 2 - Piso 11. David Alfaro Siqueiros No.104, Colonia Valle Oriente San Pedro, Garza Garcia, Nuevo León 66269

About MT Arquitectos

Our Work

MT Arquitectos is an architectural design, construction, and development office located in Monterrey, Mexico and our partner office ADTS LLC in Austin, Texas. Founded by Miriam Torres Marcos in 2001. Our work focuses on high quality design, each project is unique and responds to: site, context, program, client needs and personality. We work as a team creatively with engineers, craftsmen, and client.

Projects we work are: Residential, Office, Commercial, Mix Use, Institutional, and Interior Design.


We are passionate of our work, every project is a fully integrated design solution with sustainable principles. Our architecture incorporates: clean lines, rational/functional floor plans, and honest structures. Profound studies of: scale and proportion, natural lighting, attention to detail, and a balance with the built and unbuilt/ green open spaces, are important qualities of our designs. An architecture that is atemporal in its essence.

Our Team